Partnership with

Local Mencap Barnsley

Creative Care & Support Ltd have developed a close working relationship with Local Mencap Barnsley, we provide staff to co-ordinate activities run by Local Mencap Barnsley. These include walking, cycling, baking, and social groups. Local Mencap and Creative Care and Support Ltd, are working very hard together, to change and reshape the future of Local Mencap Barnsley, and the activities that it provides.

Testimony from Jackie Fielding the chair of Local Mencap, Barnsley

Creative Care and Support work closely with Local Mencap Barnsley to provide us with easy access to sessional support workers and in providing personal support for both our members and their families at home or in the community. Ian and his team have a deep understanding of what makes a good support service great! This relationship extends far beyond simple supply of staff, it is a true partnership where we jointly look at wider opportunities to work together in the desire to provide services of choice to people in Barnsley with a learning disability. 
Jackie Fielding (Chair Local Mencap Barnsley)

If you would like any more information on Local Mencap Barnsley please visit their website